Online Poker – Is Online Poker Fair?

Gambling Oct 22, 2023

Online poker offers players a convenient way to play the game from the comfort of their homes. It also provides a vast player pool to test their skills against. Moreover, online platforms offer different game variations such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Seven-Card Stud.

When playing online poker, it is important to monitor wins and losses and manage your bankroll. This will help you avoid financial problems and have more fun.


Despite the recent high-profile cheating scandals, online poker is still a highly popular game. However, many players are unsure whether the games are fair or not. The truth is that the vast majority of the games are indeed fair. Occasionally, a player will get lucky and win a huge hand, but this is a normal occurrence. Nevertheless, it is possible to create a provably-fair poker platform that ensures transparency and fairness of gameplay.

This system is called Polker and it uses the Polkadot blockchain to store all gameplay values in smart contracts. It also uses a true random number generator to provide players with an unbiased experience. While this method will not stop people from cheating, it will prevent collusion between players at the table and prevent bots from exploiting human weakness and tilt. This system will also make it easier to identify and prosecute cheaters. Moreover, it will make regulated sites more profitable by eliminating bad beats and other forms of unfair play.


Online poker software is used to enhance the gaming experience for players. These programs provide players with a wide variety of options for gameplay and help them choose the best games to play. The software also helps players to make informed decisions about their betting strategy.

Various third-party software applications are available for use in online poker. These include hand database programs, which save, sort, and recall hand histories. They also scan active tables for known players and display their previous statistics next to their name (also called a heads-up display or HUD). They can be extremely useful tools for analyzing a player’s game and identifying flaws in their strategy.

Another popular piece of poker software is Smart Buddy, which identifies players on the site and lets you know when they log on. This program is a great choice for sit and go grinders, and has a very simple interface. It also includes an ICM calculator and automation shortcuts.

Payout speeds

Payout speeds in online poker are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a site to play at. In addition to speed, players should also consider whether the payment method of choice offers anonymity and security. Fortunately, most of the major online poker sites list their banking options somewhere on their virtual pages. Many have a specific section on the homepage that lists these details, while others have them listed in their help or FAQ sections.

Bitcoin withdrawal speeds have improved this month and are reaching player accounts in 15-40 hours on average. This is a great improvement over last month when it was taking a little longer. Check and money transfer (Western Union or MoneyGram) withdrawal speeds have remained fairly consistent the past few months. However, these methods are not ideal for large withdrawals and come with a $50 fee per transaction.

No rigged games

There are a lot of poker conspiracy theories out there, but the truth is that online poker isn’t rigged. The essential component of every poker site is its Random Number Generator, which ensures that the cards dealt are genuinely random. While there are a few rogue poker sites that rip off players, these are very few and far between. Most poker sites, including 888 Poker, deal fair games.

It is also important to understand that poker is a game of skill and chance. The short-term variance of the game means that you may have a string of losses or good luck at one point, but this shouldn’t lead you to think that the game is rigged. This kind of thinking is a misguided and dangerous way to approach poker. It can be extremely detrimental to your bankroll. Instead, you should focus on developing a winning strategy. Achieving this requires a lot of work, dedication, and patience.

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